Thursday, September 13, 2007

Aren't you DELL?

This morning I had one of those memorable moments you have when you are around little kids.
So I am teasing our 8 year old about something, and as is usual, our 4 year old jumps in to defend her big sister.

"Aren't you DELL?" she asks me, "that is not how it is!"
"Aren't you DELL?"

This leaves both me and my elder daughter really confused. "Aren't you DELL? What is that supposed to mean?" she wonders, I'm thinking the same thing.

The moment passes, but I was still trying to run a pattern match in my head about what she might have heard an adult say that she interpreted as "Aren't you DELL."

Then it strikes me! The pronounciation matched and the context was right on.

"Can't you tell," that is what she meant to say!

We all had a hearty laugh after I told her what she was trying to say.