Monday, December 19, 2011

Christopher Hitchens Died and Went to Heaven

Christopher Hitchens a die hard atheist, died last week. Much to his surprise (and of others, detail follow) he found himself, of all places, in Heaven! In fact, he was welcomed with a red carpet and a heavenly ticker tape parade.

Also surprised were all of the die hard right wing religious types who had been predicting for years, maybe even decades, that as soon as Mr. Hitchens dies he is going to find himself burning in the eternal fires of Hell. What was especially disconcerting to this group of people was that some of their own holiest of holy were not admitted; having forgotten the "Thou shalt not Judge" and "Love thy Neighbor", etc. commandments and being in denial about it.

The explanation provided to Mr. Hitchens for his admission on the other hand was his impressive use of the higher intelligence so graciously granted to him by the Almighty. Even though he had been wrong for many years, the fact that he had made such good use of critical thinking and reason, faculties only granted to humans, had been very fulfilling for the Almighty.

In other news, the die hard left wing atheist types are in shock that the pillar of their own philosophy was proved wrong, by none other than God.

DISCLAIMER: This is all 'jest' my personal opinion, I make no claims about hearing this from God or anything like that. I'm just opinionated, not crazy!

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